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· Female Barrow's Goldeneye at Quail Lake (TODAY)
· White-winged Scoter, Ballona Creek 11-22-14 (TODAY)
· Varied Thrush at Descanso (TODAY)
· Ross's Goose at Piute Ponds (TODAY)
· Pacific Wrens and Varied Thrushes in Santa Anita Canyon (TODAY)
  1. Female Barrow's Goldeneye at Quail Lake LINK
    DATE: TODAY @ 10:14pm, TODAY
    Alejandra and I went to Quail Lake this morning and saw what we believe is the female Barrow's Goldeneye reported during the week. It was located at the pond Northeast of the lake. Below are some of the pictures.
    Manuel Duran
    Lomita, CA
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  3. White-winged Scoter, Ballona Creek 11-22-14 LINK
    DATE: TODAY @ 8:37pm, TODAY
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  5. Varied Thrush at Descanso LINK
    DATE: TODAY @ 4:57pm, TODAY
    At least 3 Varied Thrush were present today at Descanso Gardens. I observed 3 below the Boddy House, and later as I stood on the asphalt path that leads to the Tea House, I saw 3 in the oaks lining that asphalt path and the grassy area where the outdoor theater is. Because I felt the second group of birds may have been the same group I saw earlier, I only counted 3 birds, but there may have been more.
    While I was birding, I ran into Mickey and Jan Long, who told me they had had a Varied Thrush near the Fibinacci display, where I had the 1st sighting on 11/19/14, and 2 more near the dry creek bed below the Boddy House, near where Lois and Will Fulmer had their sighting on 11/21/14.
    When I found the first Descanso Varied Thrush on 11/19/14, in the oaks, near the Fibinacci display, there were 3 birds that flew in together. My initial reaction was that they were all Varied Thrush, but I only ?got on? 1 bird, so I only reported 1. Today, it is obvious there are at least 3 Varied Thrush in the gardens.
    Julia Ray
    La Crescenta
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  7. Ross's Goose at Piute Ponds LINK
    DATE: TODAY @ 4:40pm, TODAY
    I had a Ross's Goose at Piute Ponds this morning. The goose was in the field to the east of the northernmost pond. Remember, a permission letter is required for access.
    Michael Van Norman
    Santa Clarita
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  9. Pacific Wrens and Varied Thrushes in Santa Anita Canyon LINK
    DATE: TODAY @ 4:19pm, TODAY
    Hi Everyone,
    During today's Pasadena Audubon trip in Big Santa Anita Canyon, we found
    three Pacific wrens and eight varied thrushes. The thrushes were spread
    out along the length of the main canyon. We saw six of them and heard
    at least two more sing briefly.
    Conspicuously absent were American dippers, perhaps because the water
    levels in the canyon are unusually low.
    Although the varied thrushes stood out, we were also surprised to hear a
    pine siskin high in the alders at the canyon floor. This is the first
    time I've ever found one there.
    The eBird checklist is included below.
    Lance Benner
    Altadena, CA
    -------- Begin forwarded message --------
    Subject: eBird Report - Santa Anita Canyon, Nov 22, 2014
    Date: 11/22/14 4:14:32 PM
    From: ebird-checklist@...
    To: lbenner@...
    Santa Anita Canyon, Los Angeles, US-CA
    Nov 22, 2014 6:15 AM - 11:30 AM
    Protocol: Traveling
    5.0 mile(s)
    Comments: Pasadena Audubon trip. We hiked from Chanrty Flat down
    into the main canyon to Fern Lodge Junction, along the trail above the
    waterfall to Fallen Sign Junction, south along the Stock Trail, then
    back thru the main canyon to Chantry Flat.
    36 species
    Band-tailed Pigeon 1
    Mourning Dove 1
    Acorn Woodpecker 2
    Nuttall's Woodpecker 8
    Downy Woodpecker 1
    Hairy Woodpecker 5
    Northern Flicker 3
    Black Phoebe 3
    Steller's Jay 8
    Western Scrub-Jay (Coastal) 2
    Common Raven 1
    Mountain Chickadee 2
    Oak Titmouse 4
    Bushtit 5
    White-breasted Nuthatch 1
    Brown Creeper 1
    Canyon Wren 6
    House Wren 1
    Pacific Wren 3 We heard all three and saw one well. Spread out
    over about 1.5 miles in the main canyon. Btittany got photos of the
    third one. We head two calling naturally and heard the third in
    response to playback.
    Bewick's Wren 3
    Ruby-crowned Kinglet 10
    Wrentit 8
    Western Bluebird 2
    Hermit Thrush 5
    Varied Thrush 8 Photos of some. We saw six and identified the
    others by their songs. Spread out along the length of our route. The
    largest group had three.
    Orange-crowned Warbler 2
    Yellow-rumped Warbler (Audubon's) 30
    Townsend's Warbler 1
    Spotted Towhee 5
    Rufous-crowned Sparrow 2
    California Towhee 6
    Fox Sparrow 1
    Song Sparrow 5
    Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon) 6
    Pine Siskin 1 Heard only.
    Lesser Goldfinch 6
    View this checklist online at
    This report was generated automatically by eBird v3 (
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  11. Thick-billed Kingbird Seen LINK
    DATE: TODAY @ 4:12pm, TODAY
    A few birders and I got decent looks and hearings of the Thick-billed
    Kingbird at Horsethief Canyon Park in San Dimas, beginning at about 3:00 p.m.
    today. It was perched high up in the tall eucalyptus trees across the big
    ditch just south of the southwest corner of the fenced doggie park.
    Good birding,
    Ed Stonick
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  13. Looks like I've had another escapee visit LINK
    DATE: TODAY @ 4:01pm, TODAY
    Looks like this might be someone's Yellow Fronted Canary that flew the coop. It 's traveling with our local Goldfinches and likes the Niger seed. I posted pix to the escapees and exotics folder and Flicker at the following URLs,
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  15. Fw: I love that nobody is in charge of me anymore LINK
    DATE: Nov 22, 2014 @ 12:07pm, 1 day(s) ago Wow! It?s so delighted!<???????????>23.11.2014 0:06:56But i did, and youre as good as in th? first fifteen already. Roy Poucher
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  17. Varied Thrush Kenneth Hahn Park LINK
    DATE: Nov 22, 2014 @ 9:30am, 1 day(s) ago
    We have been looking every day for the Varied Thrush reported by Eleanor
    Osgood last week, and finally found it (or another) this morning. From 8:45 to
    9:10 this am, we had it near and in the southern end of the concrete drainage
    ditch that is downhill (west) of the farthest parking lot along the Olympic
    Forest Road (first road to the left past the entry kiosk). There is a $6 entry
    fee on weekends and holidays, the park is free weekdays.
    Continued good birding!
    Eric and Ann Brooks
    Los Angeles
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  19. Varied Thrush - Mt. Washington (Elyria Canyon) LINK
    DATE: Nov 22, 2014 @ 7:30am, 2 day(s) ago
    I made this big deal out of trekking to Sylmar yesterday to get my first LA County Varied Thrush (Veterans Memorial Park), and I just now had one in my front yard while I was sipping coffee. I live adjacent to Elyria Canyon Park in Mt. Washington. It has now moved into the park and is calling there.
    -- ......................................................................Marcus C. EnglandMt. Washington, Los Angeles County
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  21. Varied Thrush at Descanso LINK
    DATE: Nov 22, 2014 @ 4:15pm, 1 day(s) ago
    Birders,For those of you who are interested in finding the Varied Thrush at Descanso Gardens, I just received the following message on the Pasadena Audubon Yahoo Group Message Board from Lois Fulmer. She asked me to post it to LACobirds.
    Julia Ray
    La Crescenta
    Today at noon we found the Descanso Gardens Varied Thrush reported on Wednesday by Julia Ray. It was in the camellia-oak forest below the Boddy House, near the small area with Japanese maples. Will got some nice photos which he plans to post. It flew up to an oak branch; posed for about 5 minutes; and then flew off.
    Lois Fulmer
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  23. late Nashville LINK
    DATE: Nov 21, 2014 @ 3:07pm, 2 day(s) ago
    Fri 21 Nov
    Of some interest, there was a Nashville Warbler this morning at the American Gold Star Manor (Retirement Park) in W. Long Beach. This is private property but we are welcome on the grounds---just tell the guard at the front gate you'd like to do some birding or "birdwatching". The property is on Spring St off Sante Fe Ave. The NAWA was with other warblers in trees west of the swimming pool, in an area that features a flagpole and a small memorial fountain.
    Richard Barth
    West Hollywood
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  25. East LA County Birds LINK
    DATE: Nov 21, 2014 @ 11:46am, 2 day(s) ago
    There were two (2) Varied Thrush at Pomona Cemetery yesterday. Both birds were with a flock of American Robins in the Holy Cross section, just south of the main cemetery off Lexington Blvd.
    There was another Varied Thrush at Oak Park cemetery in Claremont, this morning.
    There was a Plumbeous Vireo at Palomares Park in Pomona this morning. The bird was quite vocal in the pines just north of the Senior Citizen center. Palomares Park is just north of Arrow Highway between Towne and Garey Blvd in Pomona.
    The Thick-billed Kingbird continued at Horsethief Park in San Dimas yesterday afternoon.
    Good birding.
    Michael J. San Miguel, Jr.
    La Verne, CA
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  27. Los Angeles RBA- 21 November 2014 LINK
    DATE: Nov 21, 2014 @ 10:20am, 2 day(s) ago
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  29. Varied Thrush and Chukar on San Clemente Island LINK
    DATE: Nov 20, 2014 @ 8:58pm, 3 day(s) ago
    I had a female Varied Thrush and 14 Chukars on San Clemente Island this week. I guess the Chukars are not a big surprise or the Varied Thrush. It was fun for me though.
    David Evans
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  31. 11/20/14 Varied Thrush Hunt LINK
    DATE: Nov 21, 2014 @ 4:05pm, 2 day(s) ago
    Hi Birders
    Today, Joyce Waterman and I went on a Varied Thrush hunt. We tried Glendale's Verdugo Park, nada. Then we made our way up to Veteran's Park in Sylmar. We went to Frisbee Golf basket #7 and were rewarded with an adult male YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER. There are some eucs with fresh wells and it was moving about from tree to tree sap sucking. Across the path near the restroom here was a RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER. We came across a birder who had negative morning reports on the Varied Thrushes. So it was our duty to find the thrushes. While at the parking lot near basket #2, a HERMIT THRUSH was singing a whisper song. Then we walked up the hill to the east of the playground where there is a large sandy area and benches looking downhill. We found an almost adult male VARIED THRUSH. We found three more here. Two AMERICAN ROBINS were also present but the Varied Thrushes seemed to socialize with the flickers. We drove up the hill and continued the search in the same area. A second male YELLOW-BELLIED SASUCKER was getting his fill of sap. Near the olive walkway, we found a female WILLIAMSON'S SAPSUCKER. Joyce said she saw a woodpecker with a black back while I was watching a HAIRY WOODPECKER. Then we looked on the grass and we counted nine Varied Thrushes! One was a hatch-year bird, very faded plumage with a very faint band on the nest. Both males and females were on the ground with NORTHERN FLICKER. The thrushes were feeding on the olives. I think as long as the fallen olives remain on the ground, the thrushes have a readily available food source. Then a male WILLIAMSON'S SAPSUCKER flew to a pine tree with wells. We think we had 10 Varied Thrushes. WHITE-BREASTED NUTHATCHES were present. The Ruby-crowned Kinglet were also singing a whisper song. The birder we met watched a PEREGRINE FALCON west of the playground being mobbed by the Ravens. It was quite a spectacular time at a Vet's Park with our successful thrush hunt.
    Happy Birding!
    Mary Freeman
    Glendale, CA
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  33. Re: Varied Thrush at Descanso LINK
    DATE: Nov 20, 2014 @ 4:55pm, 3 day(s) ago
    Update on the Varied Thrush at Descanso Gardens
    Hello again,
    Several birders have contacted me requesting more information on the location of the Varied Thrush my mother and I found this morning at Descanso Gardens.
    If you are familiar with the gardens, you will know where the natural California Garden is with the little green structure overlooking the stream that is dry now. If you keep walking past that, then turn left over a little bridge and up into an oak grove, you will see a geometric stone structure configured to represent the Fibonacci sequence of numbers. The thrush was in that area, in the trees. I believe on the map, this area is called, ?Oak Forest, Camellias-West?.
    When I explained the location to Lois Fulmer, she answered, ?I understand the area you?re describing. That?s close to where we?ve seen them in years past. They seem to like the oaks. Several years ago a small group stayed the winter in the oaks in the camellia garden, 2 or 3 years in a row. We also saw some once by the stone bridge.?
    I hope this helps others find the bird.
    Julia Ray
    La Crescenta
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  35. Swamp Sparrrow at Legg Lake LINK
    DATE: Nov 19, 2014 @ 3:30pm, 4 day(s) ago
    A SWAMP SPARROW was on the lawn north of restroom 8 at Legg Lake this morning.. This is probably the same confiding bird that was present last winter
    Howard King
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  37. Varied Thrush at Descanso LINK
    DATE: Nov 19, 2014 @ 1:30pm, 4 day(s) ago
    A Varied Thrush was present this morning at Descanso Gardens.
    Julia Ray
    La Crescenta
    Sent from my iPhone
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  39. Pasadena Audubon meeting tonight, 7:30 PM: David Pereksta, What You See at Sea LINK
    DATE: Nov 19, 2014 @ 5:03am, 5 day(s) ago
    All are invited to the November general meeting of the Pasadena Audubon Society.
    - presentation title: What You See When You Go to Sea
    - presenter: David Pereksta
    - location: Eaton Canyon Nature Center, 1750 N. Altadena Dr., Pasadena, CA 91107
    - date: Wednesday, November 19, 2014
    - social time: 7:00 - 7:30 PM
    - general meeting and program: 7:30 - 9:00 PM
    Southern California offshore waters are one of the last birding frontiers in the state. An exciting mix of local breeders, arctic nesting migrants, and austral migrants that are rarely if ever seen from land can be found at sea if you know when, where, and how to look for them. David Pereksta will tell us when, where, and how, and show us what experiences southern California pelagic birding trips offer with a selection of the thousands of bird and mammal photos he has taken. David has spent over 100 days at sea off southern California. He will describe the species that occur off our coast, where local pelagic trips go and how they operate, and how to best schedule a trip to see the birds (and marine mammals) you are looking for.
    Darren Dowell
    for Pasadena Audubon
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  41. Thick-billed Kingbird present now LINK
    DATE: Nov 18, 2014 @ 3:39pm, 5 day(s) ago
    My husband, Paul, just reported that the Thick-billed Kingbird is present right now at Horsethief Canyon Park in San Dimas - approx. 3:30 pm Tuesday. Based on its behavior over the past couple of days it will probably stick around until dusk and roost near the dog park.Cheers,Cathy McFaddenClaremont
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  43. White-throated Sparrow at Madrona Marsh LINK
    DATE: Nov 18, 2014 @ 1:03pm, 5 day(s) ago
    Hi Everyone,
    Alejandra and I spotted the continuing White-throated Sparrow at Madrona Marsh on several times this morning between 10am to 12pm. It was with several White-crowned Sparrows along the path left (East) of the entrance.
    Manuel Duran
    Lomita, CA
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  45. Varied Thrushes, Veterans' Park, Sylmar LINK
    DATE: Nov 16, 2014 @ 7:38pm, 7 day(s) ago
    This afternoon (11/16) between about 3 and 4.30, I found 6 Varied Thrushes at Veterans' Park in Sylmar in 2 different spots on the slope above the playground.  I sighted them twice, forgaging on the ground both times with a group (10-20) of American Robins and several (2-4) Flickers. 
    Right after I arrived, I only got quick looks at 1 VATH with the robin flock before a Red-tailed hawk swooped in.  Later, I refound the flock further uphill and counted 5 thrushes. I didn't see much else of note because I was there with a toddler in tow - he was not impressed with the thrushes, but thankfully they didn't seem to care about him either.
    Rebecca Marschall
    Valley Village
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  47. Re: Lucy's at Madrona LINK
    DATE: Nov 18, 2014 @ 5:07am, 6 day(s) ago
    I probably re-saw this Lucy's Warbler yesterday Monday at the same part of the park. I had a good long look at a gray warbler in low shrubs on S side of path that parallels Plaza Del Amo, east from the Plaza Del Amo entrance. I.e., same location that others reported. About 7:15 AM.
    Unfortunately I was late for work, never got to see the rusty rump, and couldn't completely eliminate a possible fem. Yellowthroat ID. No yellow anywhere on the bird, from bill to tail. Slight rouge tinge at sides of throat. Bill struck me as long-ish as warblers go.
    Just posting this, to encourage others.
    Steve Johnson
    Visiting from Virginia
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  49. Descanso Gardens opens "Oak Woodland" LINK
    DATE: Nov 18, 2014 @ 5:28pm, 5 day(s) ago
    FYI - Descanso Gardens has re-opened an area that has been closed to the public for many years. Dubbed ?Oak Woodland?, it is a mixture of woodland, meadow and chaparral. Pathways lead from the Rose Garden, circle the lake, and end up in the California Native Plant Gardens. My mother and I birded the area for the first time today. We give it a ?thumbs up?!
    Julia Ray
    La Crescenta
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